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Opera Of Arts

Musikalische Trilogie
A Musical Trilogy


The Psycherubians
The Indians
Opera Of Arts
Die Erzengel
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It happened to be that a group of philosophers got together for a symposium at the Elysium.Still looking for the universal formula and the core of the celestial matter, they soon got into a heavy disput which could only be settled by means of having a song contest singing the thesis of their ideas. That´s what the demiurge told them to do, if they wanted to please his Grand Maestro who
loved to hear heavenly good music. Speaking the language of angels but singing in English,
Aristotle started with his tenor voice song number one.


Albert Einstein:

 “Who is knocking on heaven´s door?” a voice asked from inside.

Carl Michaels:
It´s me, Carl Michaels. I did my thing, please, let me come in. But who are you, sir? Albert Schweitzer?”

Albert Einstein:
“No, Albert Einstein. Remember on earth they took my brain out of my dead body for researching reasons. Crazy scientists! I´m glad, they did! Now, I´m really free, can think even much better without it. My soul has taken over all that thinking eversince. Moreover, there is music in my soul that keeps me going. Come on in, Carl! That´s the right place for you. Step forward, you´re very welcome among us
all. Okay, Carl is all good. Open up the abode of the blessed ones, demiurge!”

“But Carl has to stay at the Elysium with all the artists, philosophers and scientists like you. He can´t come up to the 7th floor of the Higher Grounds in heaven, where Godfather, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha with all angels, prophets and saints do have their eternal abode which I built for them ever so unique according to their own ideas.”

Albert Einstein:
“What Carl needs we got in here: Friends and music! Don´t let him wait outside till doomsday. Let´s have fun before the separation of believers and non-believers takes place! What is this, a purgatory or a symposium at the Isle of Happiness? Universal concert pitch Om and music please, Grand Maestro

Aristotel - Jesus Christ
mit den Titeln
entitled as follows

01 Aristotle
02 Buddha
03 Confucius
04 Darwin
05 Democritus
06 Einstein
07 Empedocles
08 Feuerbach
09 Galilei
10 Heraclitus
11 Ikhnaton
12 Jesus Christ


Kant & Hegel - Russell & Schweitzer
mit den Titeln
entitled as follows

01 Kant und Hegel
02 Lao-tzu
03 Locke
04 Michelangelo & Leonardo da Vinci
05 Moses
06 Muhammad
07 Nietzsche
08 Occam
09 Plato
10 Qincey
11 Rousseau
12 Russell & Schweitzer


Shakespeare - Zeno & Epicurus
mit den Titeln
entitled as follows

01 Shakespeare
02 Spinoza
03 Tagore
04 Theano & Pythagoras
05 Thoreau
06 Unamuno
07 Voltaire
08 Wittgenstein
09 Xenophanes
10 Yeats
11 Zarathushtra
12 Zeno & Epicorus